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Thread: XiiR (Xtreme International Ice Racing)

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    Default XiiR (Xtreme International Ice Racing)

    Hockey arenas throughout the nation play host to an exciting form of motorcycle racing when the AMA / FIM sanctioned XiiR (Xtreme International Ice Racing) series hits the ice. These races demonstrate man and machine going from 0 – 60mph i...n under 3 seconds on their modified Speedway bikes and quads on ice! There are over 1,600 metal studs added to the tires and there are no brakes. It’s the fastest sport on ice and one of the fastest sports in the world.

    Speedway bikes only weigh 180 lbs., have an engine equivalent to a 1200cc sport bike engine in a mountain bike frame, 4-stroke and a 4-valve engine that runs on nitro methanol. This allows the engine to run at a higher compression, producing more horsepower.

    There are a total of twenty to twenty-five races during each event. The amount of races will vary from city to city depending on how many local riders participate.

    Ice Racing consists of heats where riders earn points to quality for the Main (final race) Qualifying heats which consist of 4 riders racing handlebar to handlebar for 4 laps.

    For the eighth consecutive year, SuperTrapp ( has been named the official exhaust sponsor of the event.

    The SuperTrapp “Dash for Cash” offers amateur, local quad riders who come in 1st place a $500.00 cash bonus for competing with a SuperTrapp exhaust with SuperTrapp’s name predominantly displayed.

    This season SuperTrapp will provide all Speedway racers in the series with a full exhaust system designed specifically for the speedway chassis. Because of the substantial power boost provided by SuperTrapp’s tunable disc technology, all racers are required to equip their bikes with a SuperTrapp exhaust so that no racer has an unfair advantage.

    “The SuperTrapp mufflers are a perfect fit for ice racing because with so much speed and no brakes, throttle control is key,” said Anthony Barlow, champion ice racer and organizer of the XiiR. “The tunability of the SuperTrapp mufflers allow us to fine tune the power of these machines for different levels at different speeds so it hits when we need it to hit.”

    According to Barlow, the SuperTrapp systems allow for such fine control of power that they are often re-tuned between each heat and the main to account for an increasing track size as the number of participating riders increases. Because all races are held indoors, the ability to control sound levels is another important factor, said Barlow.

    For a schedule of XiiR races and more information, visit

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    Default 2009 XiiR Quad Main Event from St. Charles, MO

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    Default XIIR Motorcycle Ice Racing Everett WA 2009

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    Default XIIR February 2, 2007 at the Family Arena in St. Charles, MO

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    Default XIIR Main Event Rockford, IL 2006

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    Default XiiR 2-14-2009 Quad race

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    Default XiiR Speedway Main Event from St. Charles, MO 01/25/2009

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    Default XiiR Amateur Main Event – 2009

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    Default XiiR Mini Main Event in Everett – 2009

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    Default XiiR Motorcycle Racing

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