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Thread: Differance between 96-98 FLTC crossover duals

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    hamman Guest

    Default Differance between 96-98 FLTC crossover duals

    I have a 98 Heritage and want to install a SuperTrapp crossover dual one pipe one each side system. I have located a used system off a 96 and would like to know if I can use it on my 98. I have researched the application chart and noticed the part# change from 96 to 97.
    I am most concerned that the header pipes will work. I don't mind having to fabricate or modify brackets for the mufflers, floorboards, pegs, shifter rod ect. I just don't know what Harley changed from 96 to 97. 97 to 98 shares the same service manual so those two years are seem to have little changes. Any help is appreciated. Hamman PS I meant FLST !
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    bschultz Guest


    The difference has to do with the left side mounting of the muffler. Rather than go into detail here; go to the website and download the instructions for P/N 628-78082 ('97-06) and P/N 628-78081 ('86-96). You can respond here with further questions, email us or call our Customer Service Department 8-5pm EST.

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    hamman Guest


    Thank you very much for the prompt responce! I have already downloaded both manuals and read them and noticed the different instructions for mounting the left muffler which involves drilling and tapping of the bracket.
    It would be helpful to know if the crossover and pipe up to the muffler is the same for both systems. I think I will be able to work through the muffler mounting . Thanks again, Larry

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    bschultz Guest


    Everything else is the same =)

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    hamman Guest


    Thanks for the help!

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