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Thread: 110ci CVO - 3" internal disc slipons

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    hdmt Guest

    Default 110ci CVO - 3" internal disc slipons

    2007 110ci stage 1 CVO touring with stock headers: how many discs to start with on 3" internal disc slipons. Closed end cap or open end cap?
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    bschultz Guest


    Go with 8-10 on the left and 14-16 on the right. If it feels a little flat on top consider purchasing another 6 pack of discs or the open end caps (if you're looking for more sound). The 3" open end cap will flow for 6-8 discs.

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    hdmt Guest

    Default SuperMegs - Fatshots

    If I read the info correctly the Fatshots will outperform the 3" internal disc slipons AND be more quiet. How much more quiet in dB will it be on a 110ci 2007 CVO Touring?

    When compairing the SuperMegs 2in1 and the Fatshots mounted to the stock 2007 touring headpipes, which will have the best performance (with the number of discs that deliver best tq and hp on THAT system) and which will be the most quiet?
    What will be the difference in sound level in dB?

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    bschultz Guest


    The 2:1 will offer you the most performance with the most sound. The FatShots trail the 2:1 slightly in performance; however will provide sound levels closest to stock. The Internal Disc units DB level will fall in between with the lowest overall power gains.

    Keep in mind, our 2:1 is one of the quietest performance pipes on the market.

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    hdmt Guest


    Thanks again for the info.

    I will try the Fatshots. Just because it should be more quiet.
    How many discs, left and right, do you recommend on a 2007 CVO 110ci touring?

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    bschultz Guest


    8-10 discs per side.

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