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Thread: fat shots

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    hdcnner Guest

    Default fat shots

    when you look at this, i would say it's a supertrapp product...

    what do you think....


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    bschultz Guest


    It may seem to be, however it is not.

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    p-p Guest


    Perhaps I can help you (for once that I can do it) !

    I bought a pair of Kess-tech exhaust. They are Supertrapp that are modified to be allowed in European streets.

    The modification makes that the number of discs has no importance anymore.

    They make a nice rumble but are NOT supertrapp anymore !

    I wrote an e-mail to Kess-tech to know how to turn them back like originals and I was told to buy the genuine Supertrapp core...

    So I bought what I thought to be a Supertrapp AND another Supertrapp core to have the real Supertrapp !!

    The only advantage is that I have now a Supertrapp exhaust with the sign "E1", allowed in Europe !!

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    bschultz Guest


    That is creative thinking =)

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    hdcnner Guest


    thnx for your reply...

    so that's not what i need...(badley)

    i need the original fat shots....

    make them and i'll buy them....



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    bschultz Guest


    What is your application?

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