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Thread: 3" Internal Discs vs 4" Fat Shots for FLH

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    bschultz Guest


    Leave the fuel management alone and start with 10 discs. Have an additional 6 pack of discs available to add (2 at a time) if needed.

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    baggermanmcp Guest

    Default how do I know when I'm at the right point

    So adding discs 2 at a time how do I know when I'm at the right point or will I know when the popping stops on decel?

    Thanks for this great tech support - By the way I love the way these fat shots look - non-traditional!

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    bschultz Guest


    The touring models popped on decel out of the factory; however it's not very noticeable due to the quiet OEM mufflers. On an "open loop" FI or carburated model, reomoving disc may richen the A/F ratio and in turn reduce decel popping. Fuel management is a better tool for clearing up decel popping on a "closed loop" FI model.

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    baggermanmcp Guest

    Default adding discs and balancing

    Should I expect to add the same number of discs to both sides with the stock header pipe on this 2007-103" w/255 cams w/HD-SERT big air box or will I need to do some kind of balancing act? I purchased a 6-pack of xtra 4" discs so I'm ready to go.

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    bschultz Guest


    Putting the same amount on the left won't hurt; however a 2:1 ratio (twice as many on the right) is a good rule of thumb.

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    2. Can you get the fat Shots with a BLACK closed end cap?

    Careful with the black endcaps. I ordered 2 for my fatshots and after awhile, the black started to come off of them, so I had to take them off.

    Just my .02
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    king of the road Guest

    Default what is considered modified

    I got a 06' Road King only got hi flow filter and screamin eagle 2 pipes. I want about the same sound maybe better performance. I was considering the Fatshots, but not really sure if gonna any big mods in future.

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    bschultz Guest


    You most likely will not gain performance with your present set up; however may benefit with additional mods.

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    king of the road Guest

    Default any suggestions

    what type of mods can I still do within a small budget. Which pipe would you suggest with my current set up S/E supertrapp, kerker, or fatshots

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    bschultz Guest


    I think you are fine with what you have. You may be able to squeeze a littlle more out out of her with a good fuel management system. Going inside the motor would follow, cam, headwork etc.

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