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Thread: Adjustable End Caps

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    UncleSteve Guest

    Default Adjustable End Caps

    I'm looking for an adjustable end cap for my SuperMegs (4").

    I see one in Drag Specialties with 2 openings (Part #1812-0150) for $56.95.

    I also came across one with 3 openings that I would like to locate. Made by Zodiac (out of Netherlands); sometimes referred to as 'Rumbler'.

    Anyone know how to obtain the Zodiac here in the States?

    (or any other adjustable 4" end cap for SuperTrapp)?


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    bschultz Guest


    The adjustable end-cap is not a SuperTrapp product; however you may want to check this link to White Bros. "Snuff 'R Not" End Cap.
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    Nadim Dao Guest

    Default Adjustable End Caps

    Hi Uncle Steve,

    Better late than never.!!

    Try : LA Choppers Exhaust End Cap for 4 in. SuperTrapp External Disc Mufflers

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    mattbmatt Guest


    could these replace all of the discs in order to shift the sound/flow to the rear instead of to the sides?

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    bschultz Guest


    I'm sure it's possible; however will the flow provided with just the end cap be adequate for your application?

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    mattbmatt Guest


    Just ordered 2 X "Rumbler" adjustable end caps for my fatshots on my 2009 VRSCDX:

    Will let you know how they go.

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    mattbmatt Guest


    These endcaps are bloody awesome! The adjustable 'Rumbler' endcaps mentioned above are perfect for stock night rod special - performance and sound are great, in fact I'd say most HP i've had yet. They look great too. Here's a picture of them installed:

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