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    In a previous posting, I saw mention of a replacement baffle P/N 100-65115 that can be used in both the HD SE (65515-98B) and the SuperTrapp SE. Is this baffle the same as what's in the 65115-98B or is this baffle going to be quieter?
    I currently have the HD SE and find the drone of the exhaust noise at extended highway speeds to be very annoying. I was looking for a way to quiet these mufflers down. As it is, I've recently removed the HD SE's and put the stock mufflers back on.

    My second questions is this. I'm looking for a performance/quiet exhaust system. I purchased my '04 Ultra to hear the radio and my passenger that sits in back of me. Is the 2:1 SuperMegs system a better option? From both a sound loudness and performance capabilty perspective, how does the SuperMegs compare to the SEs and the stock exhaust system based on a mild 95ci build.


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