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Thread: My 85 Interceptor: What system do I have?

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    sersun Guest

    Default My 85 Interceptor: What system do I have?

    Hi everyone.

    Just bought this '85 Interceptor 500 a couple weeks ago. Can anyone tell me what Supertrapp exhaust system this is, and what it does for me? I don't necessarily need a loud bike -- any recommendations on taming the volume?

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    bschultz Guest


    Looks like you have a 4" S/C Standard attached to a 4:1 which we did not manufacture. We did offer a slipe-on application for the '84-86 Interceptor; however not a full system.

    It looks like the muffler is being run without the disc assembly. The Universal muffler kit comes with 12 discs (for tuning), endcap and the 6 screws to attach them to the muffler. The use of the assembly would quiet the exhaust note. The other option would be to pull the core and check the fiberglass packing. Packing eventually deteriorates and needs servicing.

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    sersun Guest


    Thanks for the reply.

    Where can I find those parts? (I'm assuming I don't need to buy the entire muffler?) Can I find the required items on the accessories page at ?

    One other thing. I'm a little confused: The universal page says "Add 4", or 5" discs to increase horsepower, exhaust tone and flow. Remove 4", or 5" discs to reduce sound and increase low-end torque."

    But you're saying I can reduce tone by adding discs? Is that because of the addition of an endcap? (Feel free to point me to a FAQ I missed)


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    bschultz Guest


    Yes, P/N's 404-7206, 404-6512, 406-3046 and you can purchase them via the website store;
    Yes, it is because of the end cap.

    Right now with out a disc assembly (w/end cap) you are flowing the core (wide open, max flow & max sound) like a conventional muffler. The end cap forces the exhaust gasses to exit through the discs;
    More discs, more flow, more sound...generally will run leaner.
    Less discs, less flow, less sound...generally will run richer.

    You can tune via the amount of discs (control the exhaust flow) and maximize your intake combination.

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    sersun Guest


    Thanks a ton. Order submitted.

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