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Thread: Exhausted by exhaust options for 07 night train

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    Lightbulb Exhausted by exhaust options for 07 night train

    Help! Just picked up an 07 night train and need to hear it. Don't want to compromise performance and don't have a huge budget I like the black v&h shortbshots. But I reall y need deep throuty noise and maybe a little back fire. Everything on bike is stock for now. What are baffels optionS? Big city thunder? I don't need to up performance justdont want to compromise. Loud, deep, and maybe some back fire on a budget. Is that too much to ask? Help!

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    Since your on a 'SuperTrapp' forum, I'm going to suggest visiting our website and using the 'Find My Exhaust' option to see everything we have available. The Mean Mothers are the toughest sounding pipes for the Softail.

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