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Thread: SE slip ons for FLH models

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    Default SE slip ons for FLH models

    First post here. I just put the Harley Fat Shots slip ons on my new '09 Ultra 10 discs in each side with open end caps (1 1/2 dia. opening) This is a very nice set up but I was wondering if I could increase the sound a little bit. With a flashlight I could see through the muffler all the way to the (soon to be gone catalytic converter). With the exhaust gases following the path of least resistance they would exit out the open cap and not the discs so much. Will adding any more discs really give me an increase in sound level? Exactly how much good are the discs with the end cap being open? I know I'm missing something here.

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    You can get a little more flow/sound by adding a few more discs (6 per side). However these pipes were designed to be sound compliant (SAE J2825) per HD.

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