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Thread: Super Meg 2-1 for 09 FLTR

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    Default Super Meg 2-1 for 09 FLTR

    I currently have a 2009 FLTR with the 103 Stage II kit w/Andrews 54 cams and I usually run a Vance and Hines Pro-Pipe. They did not come out with one for my year except for the HO.
    I am currently running the Bassani Road Rage however it does not fit as well as I would like. My dyno numbers are good except they aren't as smooth as I think they should be.
    I have been reserching other pipes including the D&D Boss and yours. I have owned Harleys since 1978. I do like the tuneability of your system and have known about your product for many years however I have never owned any. I blacked out a lot on this bike. I am interested in your 827-71578 black ceramic. How does the coating hold up over time, especially on the muffler? Is the coating on the headers as well as the covers? I travel quite a bit however I also keep my bike very clean. I have always had chrome pipes and I am a little leary of getting the black and it starts to look faded or turn white later. I just found out about the website and I have been impressed. I am trying to decide on your product. Thanks for your time.

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    The 2:1 works great on that bike, and your set up is no exception. From your comments and past pipe choices, put our on and you wont look back.
    The black ceramic is pretty tough for a coating, it is not as tough as chrome however and requires you to be more more careful. We only ceramic coat the heat shields and the muffler, the head pipe itself is 'black chrome'. We do this because you have to instal the heat shields over the head pipes and the clamps used to attach them can scratch the ceramic fairly easily, but the chrome holds up much better.
    Hope that helps some, let us know if you have any other questions.

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