I have changed a couple things on one of my SuperTrapp equipped Ninja sportbikes, I've added two additional plates and raised the main jets one-half step. The result is the dB exhaust note is that much more pronounced than before. Mind you, not straight pipe Harley Davidson loud, but relatively in tune loud.

Anyway, I think I've found a location where I can find a consistent stream of evening deer to film. It's at the base of one of the mountains outside town. The deer don't seem to have a fear of people or cars, which are sometimes also present and there are nearby ranch style residential homes.

I was passing by that area just out enjoying the springtime weather in the early evening a couple of days ago. One of the deer had already crossed the road, another was crossing a ditch to get onto the road up ahead with another behind it. I couldn't have been more conspicuous had I been wearing a mountain lion suit by the looks of it.

I was only cruising at about 30 MPH at the time (near residential) and I did kinda point the bike in the direction of the second deer getting ready to follow the first across the road. All of them had gone from simply walking about focused on what they were doing, to heads straightly focused on me coming up the road towards them. The just froze. When I was within about 300 feet I downshifted so the dB from the bike sounded even meaner. That was it! They had been staring me down and had that look I've seen from deer before them. They didn't want any part of what I was bringing. Their flight mechanism must have tripped. They turned in unison and ran back to the safety of the hills and cover. I didn't have to break stride. Wow, that was badass!

Gonna have to go back there and post up a video of it so there's evidence of what I've been talking about for years now. The lighting won't be ideal, but hopefully it'll be just good enough that you can see them, hear the bike's exhaust rumbling, and have footage of them fleeing, as though they were my prey.