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Thread: Deer & other critters hate my Supertrapp

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    Default Deer & other critters hate my Supertrapp

    I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed wildlife behavior such as this.

    I've only owned my Supertrapp equipped motorcycle for one year, but I'm beginning to see a trend when I'm riding in the outback. Wildlife takes notice of my presence and they want nothing to do with me. Dunno if there's some accoustical whistling sound that's out of human tone range or if its the Supertrapp roar, but deer, coyotes, foxes and dogs scamper for the hills if caught in my path. I have seen this pattern repeated over and over. They look at me approaching, tuck their tails and scoot.

    When I'm in a car I don't witness this behavior. These same creatures almost never move or care that I'm approaching.
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