I recently had a set of fatshots installed on my 2009 night rod special. The harley mechanics installed 9 discs on each of the slip-ons. I had ridden the bike for 1 month since new with the stock exhaust and have noticed less torque with the fatshots installed. I have noticed a little bit of black soot around the rings and the bike is a little rough when it starts but improves with riding. I'm interested in improving the torque and actually making the system a little quieter (I rode the bike for the past 3 weeks straight and rode 5,000 kms, my hearing has suffered!).

1. If I remove some rings, how many to improve torque and quieten sound without effecting performance (everything else is stock - no air kit or power chip) was happy with stock torque.

2. Are there additional endcaps available to direct sound to rear instead of out the sides with the discs?