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Thread: 2009 Big Bear Sled

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    Sorry to keep bugging you.

    Base on your reply .. then what is the downside of not using the fiber wrap abound the core. Based on your last reply can I assume that the rear pipe will not discolor from the exhaust heat if I do not install the fiber wrap around the core?

    For grins I started the bike with the secondary pipe completly off the bike and quite frankly that was more or less the sound I was looking for .... but if leaving the fiber wrap out of the pipe (not wrapped around the core) turns the chrome pipe blue - that does not work for me at all.

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    The packing absorbs sound, without it you know how loud it is.

    Either way, the less restrictive core (packing or no packing) will be greatly outflowing the original quiet system and should be re-tuned to have adequate fueling. I would suggest looking into that as well. Running lean becasue of the increased flow will turn the pipe blue. So, re-tune it and you should be fine.

    Personally I think it will run better and sound better with it, but sound is subjective and there in no right or wrong answer.

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