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Thread: Fatshots.....Wow!

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    Default Fatshots.....Wow!

    I have to say that i'm impressed with the Fatshots on my 05' RK Custom. I wanted something quieter than the Rush with 1.5" baffles. To my surprise I have much more top end torque than I expected. I was able to effortlessly speed up to 100 mph out on the autobahn. With the old setup I lost most of the torque at 80-85 mph - anything past that was pretty difficult.

    For those looking for PCIII setup here's what i'm using:

    K&N wide Air box
    True Dual headers
    Fatshot with 9 disks in each muffler
    Power Commander PCIII with 807-145 map (For stock Bike)

    I'll report back if there are problems.


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    Glad to hear you like them.
    Have fun and ride safe over there.

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