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Thread: Need help with which muffler this is

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    Default Need help with which muffler this is

    I bought this muffler used but can not find part # any where on it. See attached pic. I tried 3" for a hd bagger and it sounds like I would like, but JWells said I had 2 much power and to try a 4", so thats what I'm doing, don't want to be breaking parts.
    The muffler has a 16" body and 2" inlet and a 2-1/2" outlet. I need to add some intrenal disc's and bolts to go with them. Was told it was for a 93 zx6.
    I'm putting it on a 2008 Yamaha FX Nytro 4-stroke snowmobile.

    Thank you for any and all help,
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