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Thread: Popping on decel but only in higher gears

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    Default Popping on decel but only in higher gears

    I seem to be getting popping on decel which only occurs past half throttle in upper gears.

    I can rev it to the moon in 1, 2, or 3rd and chop the throttle and I get no popping at all (and it pulls like a beast).

    If I open up the throttle in 6th it seems to be fine up until a little past 2/3 throttle and then it stutters a bit and pops pretty good on decel.

    Normally I would suspect it is running lean, but I would expect to have the popping around the same RPM range in every gear so I'm a bit stumped on this one.


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    You didn't say what year/model bike you have? or what product you have?

    Assuming, late model Fi? I would think that the difference in the decel popping would be load/rpm related?

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