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Thread: Having the only Supertrapp in the group has its advantages

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    Default Having the only Supertrapp in the group has its advantages

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    Original post:
    I thought I would share this weekend's experience with some of you Supertrapp tuners. A little background: while tuning my ZX-9r's Supertrapp universal slip-on exhaust for more power, I ended up with two unexpected side affects, 4-9% better MPG & a cooler running engine. It certainly feels more powerful, but I expected fuel consumption to go up with the power increase, not down. After opening her up from 6 discs to 9, my 899cc engined, five gallon fuel tank bike translates to a range beyond 240 miles. For the past 4,500 miles MPG has consistently been above 52, pushing potential ranges up to 270 miles.

    Perhaps some of you will have your own surprising stories to share. Here's mine.

    Mother's Day weekend 2009 - As predicted, mine got its first bewildered attention this weekend during two days of group rides. The first day was a 300 miler with several Gixxr/R1 crazies. Theirs was a fast pace over mountain summits, canyons, sea-level valleys, long straightaways, you name it. Caught grief for handing the fuel hose over to the next guy after only putting in 2 gallons at the half way point. "Put in more. You run out, we're not coming back out to pick you up." ...or something to that affect. I know this bike. Two gallons is more than enough. As it turned out one was all that was needed. She never hit reserve Saturday. Even I was surprised.

    Blew past the group gas stop today running two up. Didn't know there WAS a group gas stop planned. In that group was at least one other ZX-9, but it didn't have a Supertrapp exhaust can. Down the road, our lunch food was arriving about the same time the group showed up at the restaurant: small town, big group. Man, it took FOREVER for their food to come out. We did our best to keep the conversation interesting, but that's sometimes difficult with a mouth full of food.

    Two day total: 484 miles on 9.1g. Belch!!

    05/24/09 group ride - Pardon the repetition. Skipped the gas stops (plural) on yesterday's Memorial Day weekend group ride, but kindly stayed with the group. What a hassle!! Driving out of our way just for gas; borrrrrring. Then there was the waiting & contemplating. We were together the whole day, riding the same way, so why are their bikes so poor on gas? Hmmm. Looking around. Oh, that's right. Me Supertrapp, them using those other pipes. Next time, I'm packing a magazine or binoculars and driving ahead to a shady spot with a view.
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