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Thread: Looking for the right ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugger View Post
    Please note that if you use Slipon Mufflers you will not lose your crossover. The crossover is in the headpipes.
    For the mounting tabs depending on what slipon you purchase you will need to weld on the brackets that come with the muffler or use a clamp that goes around the body.
    The cross over pipe is actually on the stock mufflers, so when using slip-ons you do lose the cross over.
    Does anyone have a first hand account of using these on an Intruder 1400? I'm looking for a new system for mine, and would like to hear a success story, or possibly see some finished photos.

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    Nothing apparently-did you try searching Yahoo/google?

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    Well, I finally got my Supertrapps installed and carbs tuned and love them! Everyone on this site was helpful in making my decision, hopefully the information below helps in case someone else wants to do the same.

    My bike is a 1988 Intruder 750. I chose the 17" S/C elite mufflers because the stock mufflers were 23" and the 24" Supertrapp would have been a bit too long. Removing the original muffler was a pain due to the crossover going through the battery box support but sliding on the new Supertrapps was easy. I tried using different numbers of discs... with 3 discs it was quieter than stock, and I decided to use all 12 of them. It idles slightly deeper that stock and has a racey roar under heavy acceleration. The tone is nowhere near as deep or as loud as a Harley, but that is not what I was going for and I appreciate its uniqueness. I had the carbs jetted and love the little bit of power gain I got now that the exhaust is less restricted. The hardest part of my application was because my bike has true duals. These mufflers are only available with a mounting bracket on the left side, so for the left side of my bike I had to weld a new tab on the right side of the muffler. I took the time to grind off the unneeded bracket and spent several hours polishing the area to where it is nearly unnoticable.

    Total cost: just under $600 for the mufflers, $200 for jet kit + installation, and one six pack of beer for the friend that welded on the new tab. For this price I get to enjoy a one-of-a-kind sounding motorcycle.

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