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Thread: best set up for 2008 VRSCDX

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    jonald Guest

    Question best set up for 2008 VRSCDX

    Hi Guys,

    I need my night rod to sound like a real Harley and have been persuaded by my local HD dealer to fit Fatshots.

    There are many threads that suggest 8-10 discs for optimum sound.

    Some suggest no discs with open end caps.

    I will be running new high flow air filter and new fuel managment.

    From my understanding the more discs installed the louder the sound.

    Can somebody tell me if there is a maximum amount of discs taht can be installed to each muffler and if the maximum are iinstalled will this effect the torque?

    I am not convinced my HD dealer knows the best set up to achieve the best sound.

    Can somebody advise me the best root ot take?

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    Default best set up for 2008 VRSCDX FatShots

    8-10 discs per muffler provided the best results for us on a stock bike.

    An open end cap will give you comparable flow, but will add a few db's.

    You should start with your dealer's recommendation of 8-10 discs per muffler, go ride and adjust to your liking from there.

    Hope that helps!

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    jonald Guest


    Thanks Ginap,

    I assume that it takes no time for them to fit more discs and re-setup etc?

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    Default best set up for 2008 VRSCDX FatShots

    You're welcome and no, it shouldn't take much time at all.

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