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Thread: 09 vrod "muscle" exhaust

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    Default Pipeline Sign Up Page Link is Fixed

    Thank you for your patience.

    Here's the link for you to sign up for Pipeline:

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    Huggy Guest

    Default exhaust v-rod muscle

    The only place I have found exhaust for the muscle is a site called

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    sztief Guest


    you'll have to re-read my post (n°3), ... allready quit a few manufacters make an exhaust for the muscle.
    I really like to wait for the supertrapp one, but ..., summertime is coming, ... and i'm hungerly waiting to get a descent sound out of my horse ...

    Still no more news ???

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    Jul 2007


    Still no test bike, sorry.

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    sztief Guest

    Default Damn

    Belgium is just a little tooooo far, i guess ...

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    Jul 2007


    Yes, there's always a lot of water to deal with on the ride over.

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    Darkamek Guest


    Wish this was in the works, feel free to come pick my bike up

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    Would love to if you were located in Cleveland.

    Where are you at Darkamek?

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    sztief Guest


    tic, tac, tic, tac, ...

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    eddie368 Guest

    Default 09 Muscle for exhaust development

    Quote Originally Posted by jwells View Post
    Thanks for the feedback, will take it directly to the top.
    Anyone in the Cleveland area with a Muscle to lend for RD?
    I have a 09 muscle that I would like a supertrapp exhaust for.I could be convinced to let you use it,lets talk about it. I will call tomorrow.

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