Q. What is the major benefit of using SuperTrapp products?
Tunability, quality, and years of performance exhaust experience and testing. We do not release SuperTrapp products to the market unless we can show a documented performance improvement. SuperTrapp tunable disc mufflers have been proven to make power for years. The reason is that SuperTrapp discs provide a scavenging effect. Here’s how it works: the gap between each disc ranges from .023-in. wide on the inside of the muffler, to .028-in. on the external open edge. As hot exhaust gases pass through the discs to exit the muffler, they enter a larger area, creating a slight pressure drop as the gas expands, creating a scavenging effect for the hot gas still inside the muffler. Adding discs increases the size of the exhaust outlet area. Removing discs decreases the exhaust outlet surface area. Many competitors have tried to copy our disc design, but have never been able to duplicate the performance of genuine SuperTrapp discs.

Q. What does a performance exhaust do? Does it give more power?
A performance exhaust is designed to improve airflow through the engine. Anytime you can improve the efficiency of airflow through a combustion engine you can increase performance.

Q. For the 2007 year Harley-Davidson models Softail and Touring what are my options for performance exhaust?
Supertrapp Industries has a whole new line of 2:1’s, Mean Mothers, X-Pipes, and Phantom Pipes with bosses to accommodate the stock ‘02 sensors. Our pipes will perform without any re-mapping but we do recommend having your bike re-mapped for ultimate performance and durability.