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    Im curious who dictates what cruisers Supertrapp and what criteria are met to produce a system for said cruiser. Will Supertrapp ever make pipes for bikes other than cruisers? Is supertrapp run by motorcyclists or MBAs? I would love to see a full range of products again, Luckily I have 3 full systems for my 2 20 yr old Honda Hawk GTs should I bash one up.

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    Ahh, the never ending magic question of what bikes/models to do.
    Your right, it would be great to be able to offer a wider range of applications; more metric cruisers, sport bikes, adventure, etc. In a PERFECT world we would do such.
    But it's just not practcal and the sales don't dictate it. Back in the day, there were a small handfull of exhaust companies, it was easy to justify doing more applications when we knew we going to sell more, nowadays however anyone with a welder and some tubing is making exhaust systems. You can figure it out from there.
    After 30+ years of riding and over 20 years in this industry, I like to think we have a pretty good balance of Riders vs. the Bean Counters.
    Hang onto that extra system, it's worth quite a bit now.

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