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Thread: 2009 SERG Exhaust Questions

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    After picking up my 2009 Screamin Eagle Road Glide a few weeks ago I have begun the daunting task of trying to decide on exhaust. I have had supertrapp systems on all my previous 5 bikes: three HD Softail Heritages and two Road Glides. Now I wanted to go with my defacto 2 into 1 setup but this new bike has saddlebag extensions and cutouts for 4 inch mufflers, so to keep the bike uniform in the tail, I need to continue to run 4 inch pipes. I have thought about the D and D 2 into 1 with falsey but never liked them much. I knew sooner more than later supertrapp would be coming out with a new system for these hipo 09's. So here's the question - anybody running the newly released True Duals and FatShots? If so, what did the dyno say?? I know this is a loaded question as each dyno tuner can run differently but what are some baseline numbers you are seeing. Our local dyno dude of 10 years, ran another SERG with removed stock headpipe cat material and Kerker baffles and was right around 107 torque, pretty impressive for what little time he spent. Thanks.

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    We have not shipped any of those yet, so not going to get any feedback yet.
    The stock head pipe is pretty damn good (no cat), true duals are not going to give you more. 107TQ with the Kerkers is pretty good also, fun to ride with tourque like that.

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