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Thread: Factory Pro Tuning EC997 Low Inertia Dyne Systems or Dynojet Dynamometers

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    Default Factory Pro Tuning EC997 Low Inertia Dyne Systems or Dynojet Dynamometers

    Guru bshultz -
    I should have posted this under Tuning/Performance from the begining. I sent the Dyno sheet to sales and asked them to forward to you. MY pdf. file was over the limit.

    Mr. Guru, bshultz. My apology for taking so long to reply

    Check the Dyno sheet - Maybe you can post it for me with your reply?

    This tune is with 12 discs and open-end cap.

    My scoot is running much smoother. Before the tune I thought I would be stuck with a hesitation when pulling speed shifts because of the Harley fly-by-wire throttle control... Totally gone now.... I had not been able to get 40mpg and I am now getting 41+ mpg with some Hot-Roding and 35+ when rolling hard on the throttle most of the time.

    On another post someone was doing a lot of testing with a build similar to mine. He got the most power from 28 discs and a closed end cap. Then after all of the testing this person had done with a closed end-cap he then wanted to go open-end cap and asked for your advise. I believe this person wanted more HP and was willing to sacrifice the torque to get the HP.

    Reading your replies to him I will add another 6 to 8 discs and ask Marc Salvisberg at Factory Pro Tuning to recheck and compare. But before I do this I would rather have more torq at the bottom to mid range and since I have already tuned with 12 and an open end cap....

    Two questions and depending on your answer I will retune to one or the other..

    1. Begining with 12 discs and a open end cap. If I add 6 to 8 more will this lower the torque and increase my top end and horse power? -

    2. Begining with 12 and taking say 3 or more out, will this increase the torque and lower the horse power at the top end?

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks again,
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    Default Adding and Subtracting Discs

    Basic rule of thumb when it comes to adding and subtracting discs:

    Adding discs will increase your horsepower, exhaust tone and flow.

    Subtracting discs will reduce sound and increase your low-end torque.

    This and many other resourceful pieces of info can be found on the FAQ section of our website.

    Here's the link:

    Hope that helps!

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    1RoadGlide2009 Guest

    Thumbs up Thank you

    OK - I will start taking away.....Your reply is much appreciated.
    I have read that on FAQ - just wasn't sure if it still applied to open end-cap.

    Just wanted to be absolute sure, thanks again -

    Did you hear from the skyhook post again? Did you reply to it?

    This has taken me several months to dyno and post...and just like myself, I can see others leaving questions unanswered even though someone else is waiting to know were to go on their own combinations..

    Take care and I will be checking back now and then. We are finally getting some rain here in Northern CA and I'm not sure when I will be able to get back to FactoryPro.....


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    Default You're welcome!

    Good luck and have fun.

    I'm not certain what you're referring to re: your question about skyhook?

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    1RoadGlide2009 Guest

    Default skyhook ?open vs 28 closed

    Skyhook was dyno testing with up to 28 closed and I belive he wanted to go with open-end cap

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