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    Default Harley touring slip ons

    I have an old set of Harley slip on's I had on my Road King the have the # 027-7919 stamped on the body and the Harley part # was 65921-95. Is the core on these at all similar to the Supertrapp SE slip on's?



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    Default Harley Touring Slip-Ons Core

    If you can find out from your local H-D dealer if the part numbers you specify are the same as their Screamin' Eagle Performance II mufflers, then yes, our core should be the same as we used to make Harley's Screamin' Eagle Performance II Mufflers. Our SE Series Slip-Ons are the same thing. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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    These predate the 65115-98B touring mufflers which are the Supertrapp SE. The core is a serviceable core with a welded in plate about a third of the way from the front inlet and a riveted in baffle at the rear. They look like the kerker touring baffle except for the additional internals. So I guess my question is what is the difference in the internal baffling of the Supertrapp SE's and the 027-7919.


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    The 027-7919 is the part number for the body of a very old discontinued muffler offered thru the motor co about 10 years ago? Those went thru a number of changes thru the years, but are BASICALLY very similar to current Kerker baffles.
    The SE's are quieter.

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    They are old. I bought them in 1995. Have since bought a pair of kerkers.
    The baffles are similar to the kerkers except for some additional baffling inside the core. They fit right in the new kerker body. Is there a diagram or cutaway for the SE's that I could compare the old baffles to? I am looking for quieter than my kerker baffles and had considered buying a set of SE baffles. I would like to see if the SE's are similar to the old baffles I have, if they are similar, perhaps the old ones I have will suffice. Thanks.

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    Sorry no tech drawings. Closest thing to a drawig would be pg 7 of our catalog, you can down load from the website.

    As mentioned earlier, those went thru some changes over the years but are basically the same as the current Kerker. The SE's are quieter.

    If you really want quiet/adjustable performance, we are about to release our new 'Fat Shot' Slip-Ons for the bagger. They are utilize the 4" disc based technology with a straight thru 2' core. With 6 discs they are out flowing stock and are quieter thru the entire rpm range, but can also be opened up for more flow and sound by adding discs. They will be available before the end of March.

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