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    Question Kerker Dimensions

    I have decided that I want to go with Kerker slipon's on my 08 electraglide standard. I have searched your website and can't find dimensions anywhere. The main question is what is the diameter? The stock mufflers are 4" diameter and I would like to maintain that look. I want to go with the downturn tips and I saw a 09 Road king with screaming eagle mufflers and downturns that looked longer than most. Can I get the Kerker's in diffrent lenghts or was it the tips that were longer? I know you used to make the screaming eagles and the old tips were interchangable, are the currant screaming eagle tips interchangable with the new Kerker mufflers?
    Dow Davis

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    Default Kerker Dimensions

    The diameter is 3.5". The length is 26".

    We have 14 end caps (including the Turndown end cap you're interested in) that are compatible with our Kerker Slip-Ons. Also, all 14 of our end caps are compatible with H-D Screamin' Eagle Performance II muffler. If you're referring to any other H-D muffler, we can not be sure whether or not our end caps will fit it.

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