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    Afternoon gentlemen ...

    I read the thread on this page regarding a pipe for the renegade:

    What happened in my situation is that I was told the Outlander exhaust would fit so I bought it. Well it mounts onto the bike but as said in the other post, the s-pipe is different. Ive had it too long now so I cant make it back. I can fab a new one at work as we have a mandrel bender, tig welders and everything else except the 1-3/4" tube. I dont want to buy a 20' section to build the S-pipe as it'll cost me a fortune. So my question is this...

    Would Supertrapp sell the universal parts minus the slip on pipe itself, so I could install this unit ???

    Otherwise I have a pipe that is useless to me. I had it on the bike with standard exhaust tube but I want the stainless. Galvanizing makes me cringe !!!

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    We would gladdly help you if we could, we do not have the correct s bend for your Renegade.
    Our 'Universal' MudSlinger muffler does not come with anything other than the muffler itself.
    Sorry X-Devil.

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