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Thread: Aprilia 180cc scooter

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    Default Aprilia 180cc scooter

    I would like to squeeze just a bit more out of my already high performance for it's size 180 cc scooter. There are no aftermarket exhausts made specifically for it due to the newness of this engine [2007-08 models].
    The header pipe is just under 1.2" and the present factory pipe is 21" long with 2 mounting points to the frame. I like the S/C elite, but would it be much lighter than the factory and what type of gasket to make up the difference to 1.5"


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    bschultz Guest


    I'm assuming you are looking at P/N 443-1517. These units are approx. 5 lbs and the hardware kit comes with a center pull body clamp for mounting. The "reducer" you will most likely need to obtain from a local muffler shop. Some auto parts stores carry an assortment of adaptors/reducers.

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    Sp56 Guest


    Yes, that's the one. Will the oversize diameter relative to the header pipe affect tuning? I would rejet the carb as recommended after assessing the results of the new exhaust.
    My other choice would be the IDS2 P/N 311-15016 with quiet core.The exhaust directed straight rearward might be better for a scooter. Is the logo on both sides since mine mounts on the right side?
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    Because of the disc assembley benefit, being able to control exhaust flow, the core size should not be a deterent. Either muffler should work for your application. The S/C has a debossed logo on both sides; however the IDS2 has a badge only on the right side.

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    Thanks. I think the IDS2 is what I'm going to settle on.
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