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Thread: SE Slipons

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    bschultz Guest


    Yes & yes.

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    Pumba11 Guest


    Okay, I think its the last set of questions.

    - Just to verify, light means modified correct?

    - If I were to swap left and right baffles would that make a difference? (since the left is not modified) Or, effect performance?

    - What is the cost shipped of the replacement baffle?

    Boy, I am such a pain in the.... ;-)

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    bschultz Guest


    They were either modified or replaced with another Kerker core. Have you pulled the core assembly out of the body? If they are a replacement core they may be servicable.

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    Pumba11 Guest


    I will pull them tonight. Will I find a part number on them?

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    bschultz Guest


    No part number.
    Contact Customer Service for pricing and we will need an address for a shipping estimate.

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    Pumba11 Guest



    Gerry in cutomer service suggested that the right baffle was punched out by the previous owner. I thought she was goofy...that couldn't be it!

    Well, after pulling the muffs off the bike and getting out the high power flashlight, she was absolutly right!!!!

    Listen to these people here a SuperTrapp, they know their stuff!

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