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Thread: Dynojet Dynamometers or Factory Pro Tuning

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    1RoadGlide2009 Guest

    Default Dynojet Dynamometers or Factory Pro Tuning

    Does anyone have information on which method of tuning a HD V Twin Fuel injected engine would be better?

    This is off their web sites:

    Factory Pro
    The most well developed High Speed, low inertia, 4 gas EGA Eddy Current Dynamometer in the world. High Speed / Precision EC997 MC Dyne Systems w/ DLC

    EFI Technologies FI to Best Power and Engine Smoothness to TRUE HP LEVELS Tuning to Best Power patent

    Factory Pro also has just been issued another new, even more exciting dynamometer patent on Oct 9, 2007.
    This patent covers automatic tuning to Best Power. We are all familiar with the simple "tune to an air fuel ratio" of common dealership level dynamometers and most tuners are aware that "AFR" is a very limited approximation of correct tuning.
    Tuning to "Best Power" is what happens when you give the engine "what it wants" rather than "what somebody said it should have".
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Dynojet Dynamometers
    The MODEL 250i Load Control Dynamometer is perfect for engine break-in, durability testing and fuel injection mapping. Tuning with a Dynojet dyno has never been easier! With the addition of our new air/fuel ratio monitor, every dyno run can show you not only horsepower and torque, but also exact air/fuel ratio. This takes the guesswork out of fueling adjustments. The air/fuel ratio graph shows a rich/lean condition at each RPM during the dyno run.

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    bschultz Guest


    There are a lot of good products/tools on the market today, some more technically advanced than others. Keep in mind; A Striker on a soccer field may be wearing the most advanced, most expensive kangaroo leather spikes on the pitch. But if he has no ball control/skills/experience, can't dribble past the defender, strike the ball so as to get it into the back of the net, beyond the hands of the goalkeeper...then those boots are just pretty and make the manufacturer a lot of money.
    I believe one of the great motorcycle enthusiast of our time said, "you don't ride the dyno".

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    1RoadGlide2009 Guest


    Great and thank you very much

    I just realized that when I had told you that I was using 9 disks with the open end cap and they were golden/brown at first then went to slightly sooty I had left out a few details.

    This was a new 2009 RoadGlide I picked up at a HD dealer in Fresno CA on August 8th. I had run the stock exhaust for about 5,500 miles. I then installed the SuperMeg with 9 disk open end cap (no remap or hi flow air cleaner as there was nothing available yet) and ran it for another 5,000 miles and the disks turned a golden brown.

    OK, then the 103" build kit went on and the SE tuner download. I now have 12,800 and the disks are slightly sooty now. I did order a 12 pack of new discs and 6 new screws from summit. I believe I have plenty of top end and will stay with 9 disks plus the open end cap. So now all I need to do is to have the motor tuned properly to the awesome SuperMeg Pipe yes?
    I will let you now how it turns out...Before and then after the tune by Marc Salvisberg FactoryPro San Rafael, CA

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    bschultz Guest


    Looking forward to the results!

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    1RoadGlide2009 Guest

    Thumbs up Factory Pro Tune completed

    Mr. guru, bshultz. My apology for taking so long to reply

    Well, here it is and what do you think? - pdf. is 35 over the limit. Maybe I can send it privite to you.....

    My scoot is running much smoother and I thought I would be stuck with a hesitation when pulling speed shifts because of the Harley fly-by-wire throttle control... Totally gone now Getting 41+ mpg with some hot Roding and 35+ when on it all the time.

    This tune is with 12 discs and open-end cap.

    On another post someone was doing a lot of testing with a build similar to mine. They got the most power from 28 discs and a closed end cap.

    As I have said previously, I wanted to keep the open-end cap. This person wanted to go open and reading your replies to him I will add another 6 to 8 and ask Marc Salvisberg at Factory Pro Tuning to recheck and compare.

    EC997, True HP, True Rear Wheel HP, Carb Recalibration Kits, 1.7-RK, RaceKit, ProKit, Config 10, Config 30, AirBox Plus, AFK
    are trademarks of Factory Pro Tuning, San Rafael, CA
    Copyright 1997-2004 Factory Pro Tuning, San Rafael, CA
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    Default Dyno sheet has been attached now - could you reply?

    OK I needed to zip the file first
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