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    flhxrider Guest

    Default disc or no disc

    i am working on 98 road glide. it has sputhe 95 inch big bore with heads.
    it has vthunder programmer and cam. i notice the front jug exhaust was open with no discs. the rear jug had 18 discs in it. this is a true dual system and i just put new pistons and a top end on the bike. this is my first rodeo with supertrapp and want to know if i can run as is with no discs or should i swap
    em out. also there is no mounting plate to screw discs on front jug side.

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    bschultz Guest


    It sounds like the muffler without any discs is not running a core assembly. Is it just hollow with nothing in it? I'm assuming you purchased the bike like this and this was done by the previous owner. If this was intentional, the previous owner may have tried to restrict the flow on the rear cylinder to richen the A/F ratio in an attempt to cool it down.
    Our recommendation would be to run both core assemblies and vary the amount of discs (more on the front) to accomplish the same effect if needed during tuning.

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