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    happyman Guest

    Default road legends phantom pipe

    am wondering about the performance of the phantom pipe.
    What is a better application for it. Stock or is it a better system for the 110" that is going have a quite a bit more HP & TQ. Am looking at from what i have been told in the area of 120 hp and 125 or better TQ..This comes from Dan Baisley. i am running the St 2/1 with 28 discs,closed end cap now. my currant build is 108hp/114tq. also is this a step header or just a one size header?? also how big is the muffler and what is the type of baffle. is it made for big bore higher hp & tq or is it for the .
    The only pic is see is a pic of the pipe which is black. nothing on a bike, like a Roadking. it looks pretty good but need to see a pic of it on a bike.
    which pipe would be most likely to flow better, to get all i can from the listed build. thanks for any info you can provide

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    bschultz Guest


    The "Phantom" pipe has 2" primaries going into a 3.5" collector with a screened baffle plate for minimal back pressure. It will definetly flow more than the 2:1 SuperMeg and is suited for a very aggressive build.
    Check page 31 of our catalog down load for a picture of the Phantom on an FLH.

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