Supertrapp Fatshots and Bassani DNT sound comparison shoot out

After the lack of real sound comparison videos or even real sound clips on the Bassani and Supertrapps, I had to do my own. See which one wins!!! I even give you some decibel readings to go along with it.

Time markers below:
00:00​ - Start
Objective of video starts - :44
Bassani sound clips - 5:24​
SuperTrapp opened warm idle - 7:30​
SuperTrapp running idle & take off - 9:05​
Fatshot talk on disc - 9:50​
Problems start here - 10:10​
Explanation of error - 10:53​
Sound Comparison starts here - 12:10​
Closing thoughts - 18:40​ for the Fatshots for the 475 cam