I half heartedly joke about how there almost appears to be this dependency where riders after a season or two riding along with the SuperTrapp ZX-9R sE1 or my 2002 sF1, also with a SuperTrapp muffler, shortly thereafter sell their bike for something better. Yeah, ha-ha, try as they will, try as they might, by the end of the ride the sE1 is leading them home. They're often tired, beat, and seemingly a little grumpy sometimes, scratching their heads about the ZX9 they cannot figure out. Or maybe that's simply down to them not feeling it on those days. Whatever, right?

In the past week, I had some work to do which afforded me the opportunity I'd wanted to take the sE1 out to build confidence again that the electrical woes are behind her. The work happened to be at my buddy's house, one who rides with me somewhat regularly, so I took the bike to and from (without incident).

I wrapped up my work and we took a break with his family (social distancing-like, with masks) watching motor racing replay highlights and I mentioned this bizarre thing that happened to me on the Internet that day. The site link took me to this infected Web site with a hook title about the 2021 H2. Blah, blah, blah... I finish my story and he says, you know your buddy with the H2 sold it, right? I reply no, but I was thinking he was pulling my chain, typical for him. All except for the fact that I've never explained to him my hypothesis from above. But he continued on matter-of-factish straight faced yawning. Yeah, he says, about two weeks ago. I spoke to him this week and he said he sold it. The H2 is gone.

No way, I reply, thinking here we go again! He sold it?!

I'm not exaggerating, that guy loved, talked up, and babied that H2! Every time we saw him, that bike was his pride and joy, focus of his world of attention. It's the only one in these parts, king of the hill. No question about it. Always clean, just a gorgeous mean looking beast of a bike. And for the brief mile or two he would ride with us, it was always on straight roads where he'd gun it or power wheelie at speed to show the obscene acceleration it had, before pealing off and doing his own thing while we headed towards the mountains.

He picked the bike up new in 2015, so he was the only owner. The guy who would show off the bike's untouchable power characteristics, even gave me a good reminder of it in case I'd forgotten when he rudely buzzed me that day months back. And now suddenly it's no longer the apple of his eye? That's one freaky coincidence!

I can't know what made him sell his supercharged H2, but it's not my intention to spoil other riders love of riding or attachment to their bikes. If anything, itís just the opposite. I wish they could take as much enjoyment from riding as I do from the experiences I relish aboard my SuperTrapp ZX-9Rs.