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Thread: Follow along with the 240 mile per tank SuperTrapp shod ZX-9R Ninja

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    Default Follow along with the 240 mile per tank SuperTrapp shod ZX-9R Ninja

    For those not familiar, a ZX-9R is a 899cc late 90's early 00's Kawasaki Ninja sportbike of the liter bike class genre. A true 175 MPH RAM Air sleeper. Cycle World lists the bike's top speed at 173.5 MPH, a 1/4 mile of 10.06 sec.@ 138.96 mph, on an average of 39 MPG (US)/47 (Imp). At 5.01 U.S. gallons for the fuel tank, that effectively means the bike is dry at 195.4 miles, but some show that 42 MPG hwy is its ceiling, making for 210 miles dry.

    I've said from the day I picked up my ZX-9R in 2008 that those numbers are low. It should be averaging about 48 MPG and not just on the hwy, but in canyon riding as well.

    Fast-forward through some exception years of what wasn't a fluke, in late 2017, I'd stumbled on what was my personal favorite SuperTrapp and tune settings for this sportbike. Since then, I had been wanting to demonstrate it in more than verbal fashion on here and now you can see it in video form: the 240 miles per tank ZX-9R challenge.

    Again, for those unfamiliar with sportbikes and their capabilities, the ZX-9R isn't generally regarded as the bike to own for speed-to-distance endurance riding. It is considered the also-ran sport-touring sportbike that couldn't cut it at the race track with the more powerful liter bikes of the early 00s.

    So I present to you, the 142hp 2000 ZX-9R sporting a SuperTrapp universal, riding with a 176hp CBR-1000RR. I also present to you, that same 2000 ZX-9R covering 240 miles without refueling in between (have fun with your family subtracting the odometer miles from the mileage from when I started this demonstration ride).

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