Just installed Supertrapp 828-71572 2:1 SuperMeg on my 2001 Heritage Softail

I did not go from stock to the Supermeg

I went via a V&H Pro Pipe HS2

Install for Propipe had the Harley mounting studs that hold Muffler Bracket to frame replaced with V&S Bolts

Install for Supermeg instructions state keep stock bolts for this job.

Until I saw this (man reading instructions AFTER job done) I just used the V&H bolts to mount the Supermeg bracket forgettng they are not stock

Stock Harley fixings are STUDS which means it would be "retain the stock nuts" not "bolts"

Question is. Using the stock STUDS would mean the bracket stands off the frame by the thickness of the stud nut (see picture) and although everything lined up niceley with no force needed I am asking if the system is designed to have that space. Studs sure make it easier to hang the bracket but I dont want to loosen the whole system to realign after replacing bolts with studs unless i have to

Many thanks, David

Mounting studs.jpg