Hi all,
I recently got a 1978 KZ1000D (Z1R). Included with no explanation was this Supertrapp megaphone. The number stamped on it is 4 MSM-61003. I have spoken to S'trapp, but they have no such # in their system. Holding it up to my bike with no exhaust on it, it seems like it would fit.
I'm trying to find if this meg is actually for a KZ1000, and if there is a front section out there that would be compatible. From pics I've seen of Kerkers for sale, it looks like the present day system's collector makes the turn that this pipe makes, so it would have to be shortened to fit, or I could cut the turn out of this meg. to get them together.
If anyone recognizes this piece, or knows when it was made, etc., any help would be appreciated. I hope I can post pics, I just joined here and haven't tried yet.