Ok i am new here but this is a great new forum for help. Ok can someone explain to me what is right or wrong. I had a conversion done to a CSC trike and when i picked it up it had the 10" super trapp mufflers on it. I was told that they buy the parts from super trapp and build the mufflers them self. Looking in side the muffler bodies having dual exhaust the 12 plates each side only have about a 1/8" clearance around the inside body wall to plates. Had the bike on the dyno today and had great numbers from the dyno. My tuner had moved the baffle outside the muffler body with only the plates exposed . He said it would be better than having them confined inside the muffler. I still have to mount the end caps / slash cut #108-8031 cap to the muffler body even confining the plates again. should i leave the end cap off with exposed plates or move the baffle and plates back into the muffler body and put the end caps back on losing the excellent tune i have now. sorry for being so long winded just trying to explain what is going on. Thanks for any help in advance. Booggerbe