My two 13" universal aluminum racing series mufflers obviously do not come with cleaner emissions capabilities found from the stock mufflers. There are many manufacturers now that make catalytic converter inserts of various sizes and I am considering trying one out, placing it either at the end of my mid-pipe just before my SuperTrapp or slipping it inside. I understand that catalytic converters function to create tremendous heat as part of how they work to reduce hydrocarbon emissions. My concern is that this heat might melt my aluminum muffler, as one Web site described it this way:

The normal operating temperature of a catalytic converter is between 550 and 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit with the optimum temperature being about 806 degrees.

The ones I've focused on include an outer shell, like this one from Acropovic.

I'm going to try it out. If I fail I can always just by another replacement muffler, except I want to avoid creating a fire or highway hazard by adding something that'll cause so much heat buildup it'll basically melt my beautiful SuperTrapp mufflers into their molten metals.

Can you offer some insight?