Post 4th of July weekend, 2016.

I'll have one of my SuperTrapp outfitted ZX-9Rs at the races in California this upcoming weekend, all cleaned up and roadworthy. If SuperTrapp has a booth or representative stationed there and would like to use my bike as a promotional example on Saturday & Sunday during the races, I'd be happy to ride it over to the infield. She is not a museum piece though. At 103,600 miles on the odometer, she's a purposeful machine with nicks & some road grime here and there.

This is the bike that has had it's horsepower & MPG boosted by adding your SuperTrapp aluminum racing series muffler, as pictured on your Web site. I cannot demonstrate the HP increases, since I have not had the bike tested on a dynometer, but I'd put a heavy bet on the claim that power is up significantly because of my SuperTrapp and matching jetting. It's no spring chicken with this many miles ridden, but she absolutely impresses. The miles-per-gallon figures are out of the stratosphere compared to other similar ZX-9Rs and all other similar liter-class sportbikes. I've tuned the Trapp and jetting for supercruise, basically everything above 3,500 RPM. And as I've often said, if riding through canyon twisties and long distances where it's about time-to-distance, she'll outrun any other motorcycle on the planet, especially the newer bikes that are said to be leaders of their categories. This bike has outrun them all. BMW GS, R & RR models. All dominated. Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, sport, touring, UJM, all combinations big and small, in the end, this bike leaves no question about it. It would be the first bike you'd see after anything above 255 miles. 510? Even better.

I'll be riding this bike each day. She's just too much fun not to show off! She probably won't get more than a half a look from those who only think of her as another ZX-9R. Newer bikes are more flashy, faster, more powerful, better handling, etc. But on the street, over distance, it would take a very very special combination of super rider and exotically tuned bike to match what I've done more simply by adding a SuperTrapp muffler.