I have a 2011 HD Ultra that I would like to install a Supertrapp 2:1 Supermegs exhaust system on. From what I've read, my particular bike (2011 touring) has 12mm narrow band O2 sensors on it. When I update the exhaust on my bike, I also plan to install a Dynajet Power Vision with the Dynajet Target Tune. The Dynajet Target Tune uses 18mm wide band O2 sensors.

My questions are as follows:
1. Which Supertrapp 2:1 Supermegs (part number) do you recommend?
2. Does the exhaust come with both 12mm and 18mm bungs?
3. Where is the position of the bungs in the exhaust system? From what I've read, the positions of the O2 sensors has changed depending upon the year of the bike. On 07-09 the bung is up near the exhaust port, and 10+ the bung is down near the catalytic converter.

Thank you!