I picked up a used Crossbones and am working through it it get it to run right, I'd like some advice on the Supertrapp side. I spend most my time either riding cross country around 70 or crawling through small town speed traps just above idle.

The bike is a 2009 running a S&S 510G cam, S&S teardrop air cleaner and a Power Commander V that was mapped with Vance & Hines duals with the loudest baffles.

The bike now has SuperTrapp 2-Into-1 Silent Series (878-71590) with the internal baffle removed (welds ground off & pulled out). It still has the stock 14 discs and closed end cap installed and full packing. I inspected the baffle and it is undamaged.

Here's my question: should I treat this thing like a Supermeg and start off by bringing the disc count up to 20, or does the Supermeg have some sort of baffle requiring me to use fewer discs. The bike seriously needs to be remapped, but I want to have a good starting point before paying for dyno time.

PS: I'm not a big fan of the 510G, and am considering switching to an Andrews 26HG prior to remapping.