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Thread: Titan Phoeniz ZRM muffler

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    Default Titan Phoeniz ZRM muffler

    I have a 2000 Titan Phoenix ZRM that came with a Supertrapp exhaust. I've loved the sound, looks and performance of the bike, but recently the muffler broke at the slip-on point. I'm trying to find a replacement to buy but am not having any luck... The muffler has 027-7375 stamped at the mounting bracket. I've searched for that and have found very little. I did find another possible part number (828-73375) but I'm not able to find that anywhere either. Does anyone know where I should look? Also interested in getting the chrome heat shield that covers the end of the header pipe at the 2:1 merge point just in front of the slip-on. Lost that a couple years back...

    Any help is appreciated!


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    Contact our Customer Service Department during normal business hours (w/P/N) for assistance.

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