Couple of questions here...

2006 VRSCR had Fatshots on it when I bought it, previous owner has removed the cores so they are free flows- lean running and loss of low end torque, but they sound good.

Looking to reinstall cores. I've seen other posts say 8-10 discs & closed end cap for stock engine/air filter, or could run open end cap with no discs to replicate the 10 disc/closed cap flow, but have more volume. Is that correct? If so, about how much db gain with open end cap vs closed end cap with discs?

Second, I'm looking to do the topless conversion (inner airbox lid removed) on the bike and add fuel management in the near future. If so, what would be the smart adjustment to the Fatshots setup compared to the setup referenced in the paragraph above? Or could I leave the exhaust setup the same and just adjust with the tuner?

Thanks in advance for the help!