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Thread: Fatshots questions for VSRCDX

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    RickC Guest

    Default Fatshots questions for VSRCDX

    I recently installed some fatshots on my 2014 VSRCDX. Bike is stock except for the pipes.
    I messed my first installation by tightening the bolts too much and they broke when I tried to remove them to add some disks. It was running way too rich, probably because the 8 discs were tightened too much reducing air flow.
    Ordered some new ones online and now it's installed properly but I have some questions.
    1- My first installation that I messed up was with 8 discs per exhaust. I am worried that these discs have been a little crushed with the pressure and that airflow might have changed. So with the new bolts I installed 9 discs on each exhaust (4 new discs and 5 from first installation). Is it possible that old discs are crushed and that I have more restrictions then if I would use 9 new discs??
    2- I don't remember if it was the case with first messed up installation (because I installed original pipes while waiting for bolts delivery) but now I found the engine makes a lot of noise. Looks like some noise coming from the valves or air intake. Engine makes much more noise then with the original pipe. Is it possible that this is caused by the pipe running with wrong discs number?
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    bschultz Guest


    Crushing the (self contained) spacers on the stainless steel discs is possible. Have you tried adding the remaining discs?

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    RickC Guest


    I now have 4 new discs and 5 old (possibly crushed) discs installed for a total of 9.
    Engine runs whorst than with original pipe in low RPM, especially when cold.
    There's a small amount of black carbon on the discs and the cap.
    There's also the air flow / valve noise that is louder than with original pipe.
    Are all of these symptoms of engine running too rich? Do you suggest I add some more discs? Because no I did not try it because I wasn't sure if I was too rich or not...

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    bschultz Guest


    Remove the disc assembly completely and see what she does.

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