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    Default supertrapp exhaust

    I have a supertrapp ids2 and need info on how to repack the silencer

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    bschultz Guest


    To replace the packing or remove the core you need to do the following:

    1. Take the muffler off of the bike.

    2. Remove the endcap (3 screws holding it on).

    3. Remove the screw that is on the bottom of the backend of the muffler (holds
    the core in).

    4. There are 2 rivits holding the nameplate, drill out rivit nearest to the back end of muffler.

    5. Put a dowel or handle of some sort into the inlet end of the muffler, at this point it will either hit a screen or it will go all the way down to the disks. Tap against the disks or the screen and push the core out the back end of the muffler.
    If you have the screen that means you have the Quiet core, if you can see straight thru to the disks then you have the race core.

    6. When you get the core out you will need to remove any left over packing, then just make sure the holes in the perforated tube are clear.
    Wrap the new packing around the tube, use masking tape at the top and around the middle to hold the packing in place then line up the holes and shove the core back in.

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