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Thread: Mystery Kerker Exhaust

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    Daft Guest

    Default Mystery Kerker Exhaust

    I’m trying to identify a Kerker K-Series 4-1 exhaust that came with a box of spare parts that I bought.
    On the collector the numbers 050-5252 are stamped and on the mid-pipe is 5625 PC
    I was told that the exhaust “might” be for a Kawasaki zr550 or a zx600.
    Any information you have to help me identify this exhaust sytem would be greatly appreciated.


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    bschultz Guest


    The headpipe & s-bend referenced were common components of Kerker K-Series exhaust (discontinued in '02) for a KAW ZEPHYR 550 '90-92,4:1,K,BLACK, P/N 123-60533.

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