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Thread: Fitting Supermeg from 2004 FLH to 2014 FLH

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    kbiforce Guest

    Default Fitting Supermeg from 2004 FLH to 2014 FLH

    What is needed to fit this pipe to the 2014 FLH? The trans mounts appear to different. Looked at install sheets and it mentions p clamp and new trans mount. Have any part numbers for this? Thank you.

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    bschultz Guest


    The items mentioned in line #2, 4, 7 and Fig# 1 of the instructions are;
    P/N 029-7578, mount bracket
    P/N 014-1751, chrome P-Clamp
    + misc 5/16" hardware

    Of course there is also the 12mm o2 bungs to be delt with.

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    kbiforce Guest


    Thank you for the part numbers. I even went back and relooked at the online instruction sheet and the only part number I see is for the exhaust gaskets. We must be looking at 2 different pages. I already welded in 18 mm bungs that I used with a Tmax on the last bike. I am looking forward to using this pipe on the new bike!

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    bschultz Guest


    We're not looking at different pages...the P/N's are not given, however they are mentioned/referred to...that's why you asked, correct?

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    kbiforce Guest


    You are correct! Thank you for the info.

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    oh... I used this advise too. Thank you!

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